Has AMG gone too far?

With the recent launch of the AMG GTR,  we start to wonder if AMG has lost touch with their routes and if they are starting to become more like the M division from that other German company that shall not be named.    Okay, all jokes aside BMW in the past has cranked out some incredible machines, and I can see why AMG would like to replicate those machines today, but is it really necessary considering the history of the brand and the reputation AMG has given itself so far.  I’d say absolutely!   Brands has to evolve in order to constantly grow and attract new customers.


So with that being said, is the AMG GTR that much different then the previous AMG’s released to date?  That is, is it a proper tire shredding, gas guzzling, loud, angry AMG?   At first glance, no unfortunately it isn’t.  It seems to be way more track focused and it’s main rival is considered to be the Porsche GT3 RS, one of the most epic rear wheel drive track day cars money can buy at the moment.   So is AMG throwing away their reputation for bragging rights?   Well no!  It can be a complete hooligan if you really want it that which is great, it’s a true AMG and it is still a muscle car built by the best current F1 team.

So is this really the first track focused AMG to be released?  Let’s take a moment and go back to 1998 where AMG released it’s limited edition run of the CLK GTR so limited it only produced 35 units.  This car was Leman’s and FIA GT Championship winning race car that was built for road use.  As serious and track focused as you can get.

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With the new Project 1 recently released which will offer the F1 power train, we are starting to get a clearer picture of what direction AMG wants to go.

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Mainly, they want to end up in your driveway.


Stéphane Ross

AMG Specialist

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