Major step forward for AMG

At first glance the new 2018 E63 AMGs doesn’t seem like anything ”new” and ground braking from the lunatics over at Stuttgart.  Although when you take a deeper look into the specs you start to wonder, if they have maybe gone a little over board with this one.  With over 600hp and over 600lb-tq, is it really too much?

I truly believe that AMG is turning a new leaf here with their next generation AMG’s.  In previous years AMG’s were known for being incredible piece’s of machinery (hand crafted to perfection) but were relatively quite archaic when it came into the technology department.   Although ”Archaic” as they were, they were incredibly loved by enthusiast and the Mercedes-Benz fan base.   So for the engineers in Affalterbach to take more of a civilized approach to the new generation E63 seemed quite risky at the end of the day.

So did they really hit their mark?

Let’s see what Chris Harris had to say about it!




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